Welcome to Mountain Trails Walk to Emmaus

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The Walk to Emmaus is based on the story in the Gospel of Luke of two friends walking the road to Emmaus [Luke 24:13-35]. As these friends walk and share their deepest concerns, the risen Christ joins them. He explains Scripture as they walk. He leads them through a journey of their faith. They finally realize who He is when He breaks bread for them.

The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual journey with friends. Our mission is to inspire, challenge, and equip pilgrims for Christian action and leadership in their respective churches, homes, places of work and in the world community. During the weekend, we meet with the express purpose of growing in faith and discipleship, trusting that the risen Christ will journey with us. We study scripture, share in discussion groups, pray and meditate individually and collectively. We worship together, including breaking bread in the sacrament of communion.

The format of this weekend is simple. Participants gather around tables and hear fifteen presentations (by laity and clergy) with a focus on grace and discipleship. During this time together there will be opportunities for: worship, personal prayer, one-on-one discussions with clergy and the renewing of faith commitments.

The Walk to Emmaus emphasizes discipleship lived out in work, leisure, family and the local church. We teach basic Christian doctrine and practices grounded in Scripture.