Merry Christmas to All!

Welcome to our new community members, from Walk #48

Brandon Charette
Ted Hoeburn
Mike Hubbard
William Sinnott
Bill Toschik
Gary Witteman
Pamela Rowe
Nancy Super
Sheila Super
Jeannettte Ahlf
Kimberly Bailey
Cinda Jones
Zapata Moschetti
Barbara On

Next Walk Important Dates–Put on your calendar now and send in your Worker apps!!

Next Walk, #49:  First United Methodist Church, Yreka, CA:
Joint Teams Meeting –Sept 8-9, 2023
Men’s Walk–Sept 21-24, 2023 (LD Tom O’Gorman)
Women’s Walk–October 5-8, 2023 (LD Shawn Cortright)
Fourth Day–October 14, 2023

Please pray for our Fall walks. Ask the Lord who He would like you to sponsor and/or how you can serve Him by working a walk (Or two!) If you haven’t been a worker before, don’t worry! You’ll be part of a team and have a team leader. Working a walk is almost as sweet as going on a walk- a real blessing! If finances are a concern, pray about it!  Maybe you and a friend can share sponsorship fees, ask members of your church to donate funds. Or, once a week, skip the coffee shop and put that five bucks in a jar, you’ll have the funds before registration is due!
Jesus is the director of each walk; when we show up so does the Holy Spirit! We want everyone in our Mountain Trails community to be confident that when we plan a walk, there will be a walk. With that goal in mind, the Board is making a few changes to make things more organized and run smoothly. We’ve bumped up the Pilgrim registration deadline by one month. It will be so helpful to know how many Pilgrims we have prior to the Joint Teams meeting. That’s why we’ve made a firm deadline with no exceptions. Pilgrim applications can be mailed, scanned and emailed or even photographed and texted but they must be in the registrar’s hands by the deadline. Unfortunately, if an application is received after the deadline, that pilgrim will be put on a waiting list for the following walk, and nobody wants that! So, both Worker and Pilgrim applications are needed as soon as possible!  COMPLETE PILGRIM APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY August 12, 2023 for early registration $85 fee, and August 26th for $95

By the way, a few people have forgot to pay sponsorship or worker fees for the last walks in Yreka and Medford. We run on a tight budget in order to keep our costs as low as possible. If you did not arrange for a scholarship before the walks, please send a check today to: MTWE 701 Yama St., Yreka, CA 96097. If you have questions, feel free to contact Tara:   or (530) 513-9535 Thank you!

Applications for workers and pilgrims can be found in your Fourth Day packet, or you can go online to our website:

Committee Chairs:
Agape- Kevin Stott
Community Quartermaster- Steve Leal
Database- Van Castleman
Librarian- Gail Brotherhood
Music-Cheri Fromm
Newsletter- Michael Rainey

Procurement- Bobbie Templeman
Registrar- Bethany Schmidt
Spiritual Director- Lori Keyser-Boswell
Site Selection- Michelle O’Gorman, Al Schroeder
Team Selection-John Villani
Treasurer- Tara Grunewald
Webmaster- Janet Riley – Asst. Karen Schroeder